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The Royal Hotel Transitions to Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud

The Royal Hotel, situated in the heart of Durban, South Africa, has been an iconic landmark for over 150 years. Its history is deeply rooted in the city’s culture and traditions, making it one of the most important historical sites in the region. The Royal Hotel has hosted many important historical figures, and its elegance and exceptional service have made it a popular choice among tourists and locals alike.


The hotel originally opened in 1845 as the first hostelry in Durban, the property became known as The Royal in 1860 after being appointed by Prince Alfred. The hotel has undergone several changes of ownership throughout its lifespan, but in March 2015, it was finally acquired by Coastlands Hotels & Resorts, part of the SNG group. Since then, the hotel has continued to uphold its tradition of exceptional service and hospitality.


In May 2021, The Royal Hotel underwent a major transition by implementing the Oracle Opera Cloud Property Management System. This move was part of a wider initiative by Coastlands Hotels & Resorts to transition all their properties from on-premise to cloud hospitality platform systems. The Oracle Opera Cloud platform is known for its robust reporting and analytics capabilities, which provides Coastlands with powerful insights into their hotels and restaurants. This data-based approach to decision-making is a significant benefit of the Oracle Opera and Oracle Simphony Cloud platform.


Coastlands Hotels & Resorts is Kwa-Zulu Natal’s leading innovative and fast-paced hotel group, and the adoption of the Oracle Opera Cloud Property Management System is just one example of their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. The group currently utilises various Micros products to operate their hotels, and they plan to expand their partnership with Micros South Africa by installing the system at additional sites in Kwa-Zulu Natal.


In conclusion, The Royal Hotel Durban remains an iconic landmark in Durban’s history, and its evolution to the Oracle Opera Cloud Property Management System is a testament to its commitment to exceptional service and hospitality. Coastlands Hotels & Resorts’ decision to transition all their properties to cloud platform systems is indicative of their commitment to innovation and their willingness to adapt to the ever-changing hospitality industry. With the Oracle Opera Cloud and Oracle Simphony Cloud platform, Coastlands Hotels & Resorts has positioned itself as a leader in data-driven decision-making and is poised for continued success.

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