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Nando’s cranks ups the heat with Oracle Simphony Point-of-Sale from Micros South Africa

Cloud-based point-of-sale solution enables Nando’s chain to improve controls, accelerate speed of service and deliver great guest experiences during its busiest moments

South Africa – July 19, 2019

Nando’s, South Africa’s iconic restaurant chicken brand has chosen Oracle Simphony as their South African point-of-sale solution, to deliver great guest experiences during any mealtime rush hour. Aiming to improve the processes of the restaurant group, they will upgrade to the Simphony POS solution to increase the speed of service and gain visibility into management information across its restaurant network.

Some POS solutions cannot keep up with the pressures of a modern restaurant. Service can be impacted due to a high volume of orders, no network infrastructure redundancy, which impacts operational functionality and service delivery, or the system needs constant manager intervention, preventing them from focusing on their guest’s experience. On premise technology increases security risks and makes multi-outlet management time-consuming and labour intensive. All are critical issues during the busiest time of the day for a restaurant. In addition, many systems don’t offer aggregated data or analysis on menu and employee performance, or “drill down” capabilities into critical sales data in near real time.

Oracle Simphony is the solution to these issues while arming Nando’s with the tools needed for enhanced guest experiences and future growth plans.

  • Its “always-on” architecture, network redundancy and unfailing reliability ensures that business can continue even when internet connectivity is lost, providing full operational functionality, whilst maintaining great guest experiences.


  • The solution offers powerful analytics delivering valuable operational insights across all areas of restaurant management for faster, smarter decision-making. This includes analysing menu, employee and individual store performance, together with visibility into real-time, transaction-specific information. This minute-by-minute detail enables Nando’s to maximize revenue and profitability. All critical insights for great customer experience, operational excellence and the future growth of Nando’s South African operations.


  • Simphony also offers up-to-the-minute statistics at your fingertips. As the mobile companion to Oracle Reporting and Analytics, MICROS InMotion Mobile App, available on iOS and Android, provides real-time, actionable alerts, enabling managers to make informed decisions based upon statistics of sales, labour, discounts, tenders, employee and kitchen performance, on their mobile devices from anywhere.


  • Simphony further delivers one centralized system to manage operations across all Nando’s restaurant locations. Every POS terminal can be updated from a central location within minutes – providing complete and faster control over menus, pricing and promotions. Thus, providing Nando’s unprecedented agility across their operation.


  • Having true enterprise architecture allows Nandos to implement upgrades and new versions at will, this will enable Nandos to accelerate innovation whilst enhancing security to significantly reduce risk and to capitalize on every business opportunity.

Micros South Africa as the Oracle Simphony custodian partnered with Nando’s South Africa to further increase their world class customer service and support their ambitions to grow their business. By having all sites on the same cloud-based software and having powerful insights, empowers Nando’s to streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction and elevate profitability.

Nando’s IMEA chief financial officer John Sikiotis says the South African business chose Simphony to support its growth ambitions: “We were aiming to improve our processes and chose Oracle Simphony to increase our speed of service and to gain visibility into management information across our restaurant network.”


Paul Stephenson, Managing Director Micros South Africa, commented: “Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to increase their revenue, improve their services and expand and grow. With Simphony, Nando’s is well positioned to achieve just this.”

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