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A modern payment solution that covers all payment methods, anytime, anywhere and fully integrated with Micros Point of Sale and Opera PMS.

The Micros South Africa and Westpay collaboration provides customers with world-class, flexible, mobile, easy to use and profitable hospitality and restaurant digital payment solution.

The Android terminal, C100, includes current mobile  technology standards such as 4G, dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth. It supports customer’s developed apps to enhance user experience and to increase functionality. This payment terminal is designed for all payment method that can be expected from a modern solution. It is also built on the Android operating system, which gives restaurant owners and their customers many opportunities for flexible customisation.


Key Benefits 

  • Fast payment processing
  • Integrates with the Oracle Payment Interface (OPI)
  • PCI PTS 5.x Security Standard Compliant
  • Scalable, Flexible and Mobile
  • Contactless
  • Off-line trading capability
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Compatible with Micros Point of Sale and Opera PMS
  • One workstation connects to several payment terminals
  • WiFi and GPRS


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