Oracle Hospitality 9700

This is only to be implemented on the 31st March after end of night.

This guide provides instructions on how to change tax rates in Oracle Hospitality 9700.

Before Proceeding please ensure that all open checks in the 9700 system are closed and that the end of day has completed.

1.     Log into your enterprise with EMC by double clicking on the EMC icon on your desktop.

2.     Click on Connect to connect to your database.

3.     When prompted, enter your “user” name and “password” and click on Login.

4.     Click on Control Panel and select the down option.

5.     Click on Configurator to open the programming of your database

6.     Click on Tax Table under the “System Information” Header to open the tax file.

7.     Update the Percentage field and change to the new applicable tax percentage from 14-15%.

Click on the Floppy Disk Icon to save the change and update to the new tax rate.

·       The following message below will be displayed select yes to continue.

8.     Do not make changes to any other fields.

9.     Select the Control Panel and enable Workstation Operations.

10.  Be sure to ring in an order to make sure that the new tax is calculating correctly.

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