MICROS'S First Hospitality Solution Using a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) And Software as a Service (SAAS)

Simphony™, MICROS’s first Software as a Service offering, is an enterprise, service-oriented architecture (SOA), point of sale (POS), hospitality product for hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships and restaurants.
SOA allows organisations to deploy the hosted POS system using a design that provides flexibility, resiliency and streamlined integration of applications. Simphony™ is designed for SaaS deployment into diverse environments to deliver the complex, mission-critical functions demanded by the most innovative customers. SaaS alleviates the burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation and support.

Simphony™ allows the client to be fully resilient and capable of performing mission critical operations in the event of an upstream failure. SOA allows for the integration of business functions such as property management systems, paperless kitchen display systems, credit card interfaces, and reporting at the individual property or revenue centre to ensure continuous system operation. In addition, SOA allows for the elimination of costly local servers by allowing only the necessary SaaS services to be run at the property level.

Simphony™ offers comprehensive hosted POS functionality

Although Simphony™ may be implemented at a single property, the true value can be found in its ability to scale to a business with thousands of workstations spread over many properties. This Software as a Service solution can be hosted using MICROS-Fidelio’s Frankfurt datacentre, or it can be self-hosted by a customer. The Enterprise Management Console allows for the management of the entire system from within a single application. Users are able to create and define the parameters of the enterprise, properties and revenue centres from any PC that has access to the central server, thus allowing local users to make changes to their configuration if necessary.

The hosted POS Simphony™ Enterprise Suite includes:

  • Enhanced Retail Functionality
  • eBusiness Solutions integration
  • Tiered pricing
  • Paperless kitchen solutions
  • Kiosk
  • Enterprise maintenance
  • Property maintenance
  • Hand-held support
  • Gift card support
  • Credit card support

In addition to its robust hosted POS operations functionality, Simphony™ also provides sales and cost reporting capabilities via the web-based solution, and interfaces to third-party peripheral equipment and software, including Property Management Systems, Liquor Dispensing Systems, Stored Value Cards and Table Management Systems. With superior architecture, scalability, resilience, integration and flexible configuration deployment options, Simphony™ is the complete enterprise solution to orchestrate your POS technology needs.


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