Today’s increasingly demanding consumers expect to have their transactions processed quickly and easily – wherever they are. Be it checking in and out of a hotel or booking a room online, ordering food via a mobile device or at the counter of a fast-food restaurant – customers expect a smooth, seamless experience.

Are you set for the future?
MICROS-Fidelio will help you get there. We deliver an unrivalled range of state-of-the-art application support and business technology services to the hospitality and speciality retail industries that help you design, deploy, support and manage your technology solutions. Our international application and hardware support teams, professional consulting expertise and our unique data centre infrastructure have made us the technology partner of choice all around the world. Our success is built upon continuously delivering the best customer interaction possible for your business while increasing productivity and reducing risk and operating costs. MICROS-Fidelio point of sale helps you make the most of your IT assets and unlock the potential of your application intelligence by combining industry understanding with unique technology expertise. We accompany the entire project life cycle or any part thereof from the initial design, development and testing to implementation and management. Our industry-experienced support specialists and highly skilled technical experts rely on an unparalleled knowledge base.
MICROS-Fidelio can help you align your IT investments and applications with your business processes in order to smoothly manage changes in your market environment.

Benefit from direct vendor support
Since there are no third parties involved, you have access to our comprehensive product knowledge coupled with efficient communication paths. We are committed to continually improving our products and processes in order to offer superior support to our customers and to help them continually find innovative ways of enhancing interactions with their customers.
With a global distribution and service network in place, our support and service package serves the entire spectrum: from major internationals, regional chains and local independents
to single-site installations, centralised global enterprise applications and even completely hosted solutions. Our support and service professionals offer advice and expertise at every stage so that you can maximise your return on investment (ROI) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our service hubs in Southern Africa
Ensure proximity to the markets and quick reaction times. We are investing heavily in training, technology and infrastructure
to ensure that we continually meet your service needs and remain productive in an environment dictated by change and almost daily technological advancements.

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