Enhance Security, Privacy, Compliance

As reported in the media, the leading credit card companies VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB are putting considerable pressure on their member banks. They are to ensure that all merchants accepting credit cards adhere strictly to the ‘Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard’ (PCI-DSS). We recommend making sure your software version is PCI-compliant. Furthermore, even if you are running a PCI-compliant software version, you should verify that your system is properly configured to ensure full compliance. Please refer to our Compatibility List to check if your version is compliant. Our Support team will be happy to assist with the verification of proper software configuration. To contact your local MICROS-Fidelio EAME Support Centre, please click here for local details. In case you require a software update, we will be happy to schedule the upgrade process with you. Neither MICROS-Fidelio nor your service provider is liable for any damages you incur in connection with using non-compliant products.

Increase Business Innovation

MICROS-Fidelio Business Technology Services focus on your end-to-end processes enabling you to operate the best-run hospitality businesses of the world.
Our flexible service packages can be implemented in a modular fashion as your business grows and future application improvements can be managed with transparent upgrades, reducing costs and accelerating your growth strategy.

Optimise IT investments

MICROS-Fidelio provides solutions for the hospitality industry that handle the general administration and sales processes at a hotel’s front office or at the Point-of-Sale in a restaurant. We deliver a comprehensive range of end-to-end hospitality applications together with Business Technology Services to incrementally optimise your IT investments and operational processes, to interface with your end customers and to increase your competitive efficiency.

Streamline Business Processes

MICROS-Fidelio offers a seamlessly integrated hospitality management portfolio enhanced with special Business Intelligence analytical tools, Customer Relationship Management tools and Customer Loyalty programmes such as iCare to steer back-office processes in hospitality chains’ headquarters.
The benefits are:
- Transparency of inefficiencies and the ability to turn these into competitive advantage.
- Ability to identify future opportunities and the agility to respond.

Boost Workplace Efficiency

Hospitality organisations’ overall expenditures are measured by Business Intelligence tools in the back office. At the same time, current economic pressure demands increased efficiency and greater contribution to the business value.
European restaurant and hotel chains across the service spectrum look to MICROS-Fidelio to meet their hospitality technology needs. We combine the efficiency of the EM Bureau Service with the power of our Enterprise Management Application Suites for peace of mind and for return on investment. This gives your teams the time to do what they do best – take care of your guests – reduces costs, eliminates mistakes and streamlines processes with our truly integrated solutions and service combination.

Build a flexible Infrastructure

The EAME MICROS-Fidelio Data Centre in Frankfurt, through our Business Technology Services, allow our clients to access technology-enabled services using the Internet, virtualisation, cloud computing, SaaS.
myfidelio.net, Suite8 for Front Office or OPERA are MICROS-Fidelio’s existing SaaS solutions using cloud computing. Simphony™, MICROS’s next generation point of sale solution, clearly leverages the trend towards outsourcing and managed services built on a flexible infrastructure.

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