The business challenge:

Pub and bar operators seek new ways to increase the customer base and to increase revenue by selling more food and beverages. For chain or franchise organisations, loss prevention, consolidated central reporting, employee scheduling, resource management, and order management present common challenges in their daily business processes.

The solutions

MICROS offers a complete and fully integrated suite of solutions that help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. The modular architecture allows you to choose the solutions you need now to improve your business operations, while giving you the opportunity to easily expand your IT environment as you grow.

The solution portfolio covers all aspects of the management of your operation – POS systems, mobile solutions, labour controls, inventory management, logistics, and more.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose whether you prefer having your systems run locally or centrally accessible via a Web browser.
The benefits

* Increased sales
* Improved operational efficiency
* Intuitive user interface
* Increased guest satisfaction and loyalty
* Improved enterprise business intelligence and decision support

RES at a glance:

* Fully integrated enterprise solution including front-of-house, back-of-house and above-store solutions
* Highly scalable and flexible
* Investment protection
* Connection to MICROS eBusiness Solutions for different deployment options (central or local)
* One-stop solution

Solutions for Pubs & Bars:

Individual pubs or bars: RES
Chain or franchise organisations: MICROS 3700 POS and eBusiness Solutions

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