Looking for energy-efficient, superior point-of-sale hardware solutions?

MICROS is committed to providing a variety of quality touch-screen POS terminal solutions for every environment. The equipment is designed and developed with sustainability in mind; all hardware that MICROS ships is RoHS compliant. Furthermore, several MICROS hardware options are disk-less and operate without a fan, requiring less than half the energy of typical PC-based devices, cutting your power costs by 50%.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, MICROS has a point-of-sale hardware solution that will work for you.

Our POS terminal technologies / categories we offer

  • Workstation 5
  • Workstation 4 LX
  • PC Workstation 2010
  • Keyboard Workstation 4
  • Mobile MICROS
  • Point-of-Sale Peripherals
  • Servers and Networking Equipment


MICROS continuously evaluates all facets of its hardware, beginning with manufacturing right through to packaging, shipping and material disposal, to ensure that
the impact on the environment from each step of the process is as minimal as possible. MICROS adheres to strict guidelines during the development of its hardware; the equipment is designed and developed with sustainability in mind. From the lightweight equipment to the reduced inclusion of toxic materials, resulting in the improved ability to recycle and reuse, MICROS is committed to furthering its efforts to become a sustainable company and to reduce its carbon footprint.

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