Opera VAT Change FAQ :

Will the hotel have to do the changes or will Micros SA assist?

Micros SA will make resources available for remote assistance, at no additional cost, that will update the stationery to change any fields from VAT 14% to VAT inclusive or VAT is included at the prevailing rate.

A script will also be saved on the database that will change the current VAT percentage as part of the End of Day process on the 31st of March 2018.

Any additional changes not mentioned above, will be reviewed on a case by case basis and could attract additional costs.


How will the changes be made?

A Micros resource will connect remotely to your Opera server and insert a script to run during the Night Audit on the 31st March which will then implement the necessary stationery changes. 


Will there be a “quick” way to do the changes?

A script will be implemented that will update the current VAT Percentage to 15% and this will run as part of the End of Day process on the 31st of March.  This will update all the transaction codes and any items linked to the transaction codes.


 Will package elements be updated?

The package elements are linked to a transaction code that will be updated when the script runs.


How will the invoices be affected if a guest stay overlaps March (14% VAT) and April (15%VAT)?

The system will split the VAT at 14% for any charges until end of business on the 31st of March and then at 15% thereafter. The invoices will show the total VAT, in a single line, for all the transactions. For the detail on the VAT split the Financial Transactions with Generates report can be printed.


Will the invoices from history change?

The actual split of the VAT on the invoice will not be affected with the change to 15%. The reprint of an invoice will be on the new stationery form to take effect as of the 1st of April not specifying the VAT @ 14% but rather as a VAT inclusive field.


Will we have to refresh rates and reservations?

Only if you applied a Rate increase effective from 1st of April. The Rate Info screen will however show all VAT splits as 15%, even if the stay commenced before the 1st of April.

What will the Impact be for our Guests?

If no rate increase has been scheduled to be active on the 1st April, there will be no impact to the guest.  The original rate quoted and confirmed to the Guest will be charged and the actual VAT split will take place without changing the rate value i.e. rate values and package values will not increase automatically because the VAT increased to 15%. This is because of the total value of the rate, and linked packages are inclusive of VAT.

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