myvisitors Version 3.1 optimally fulfils your demand for ticketing, access control and integration.
myvisitors is a modular solution that minimises the logistic expenses associated with visitor management (prior to, during and after visits). It increases security and enables visitor behaviour to be analysed.

myvisitors covers all your requirements with regard to ticketing, cashless payment and checkroom systems and for controlling access in hotel resorts, leisure facilities, spas, swimming pools, sports and fitness clubs. myvisitors integrates the MICROS Point of Sale system (ticketing, catering, shop), GANTNER Electronic’s access components and electronic door systems and KABA’s turnstiles and security doors.

All customer processes are facilitated and integrated smoothly via the Fidelio (PMS), BellaVita (wellness and spa) interfaces and through the Secutix E-Ticket solution for a wide range of vending machines.

The dynamic access criteria can be freely defined and adjusted based on target groups, areas, products, time and date. This allows campaigns and new business models to be supported.

myvisitors unifies visitor management and control systems in one platform. All the necessary information such as number of visitors, range of products, offer and consumption is saved in a central database. Our solution is flexible, easy to operate and secure. Analysing the previous operating experience forms the baseline for effective marketing, i.e. identifying visitor behaviour.

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