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MICROS OPERA: Complete Enterprise Software Solutions


The MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution (OES), which offers hotel operators the ability to share information across multiple applications and properties on a single database while providing the necessary enterprise software solutions and tools for Property and Central operations, is the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive software for property management and core central systems.

In contrast to traditional, departmentally-organized information systems for hotels, OES provides technical and operational enterprise software solutions for independent hotels and hotel chains. OES can be deployed in a seamless local, regional, or global environment, thus providing an unparalleled free flow of information. Powered by Oracle™, the world’s most scalable and robust database engine, this highly effective software for property management and core central systems introduces new concepts of guest service and service delivery, providing accurate, timely information to empower management and staff.

OES Software – Property Management That’s Effortless

The OPERA Enterprise Solution is not a single product offering, but a fully integrated suite of enterprise software solutions consisting of modules that can be easily added or expanded allowing effective and easy deployment from smaller independent single and multi-property operations to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments. OPERA enterprise software solutions can be deployed in any size environment, from a single property with just Front Office to a large, full-service hotel with Sales & Catering, Revenue Management, Spa and Golf, and Materials Control. In addition, OES enterprise software solutions offer products for a hotel chain’s corporate office, including Central Reservations Systems for centralized guestroom, Sales Force Automation for centralized function space sales, and Customer Information System, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package specifically designed for the hotel industry.

In addition, this entirely inclusive software for property management and core central systems offers the flexibility to be deployed on property or in a hosted datacenter environment. Hotel chains can opt for distributed, complex, or single image inventory management. The OPERA Enterprise Solution is perfectly designed to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the global hotel industry. Implement OES or our other enterprise software solutions into your hotel operation now.

OES Enterprise Software: Property Management Solutions, Tools, and Modules

  • Central Systems
    • OPERA Business Intelligence
    • OPERA Reservation System
    • OPERA Customer Information System
    • OPERA Web Suite
    • OPERA GDS Interface
    • OPERA Sales Force Automation (SFA)
    • OPERA Revenue Management
    • myfidelio.co.za
  • Property Systems
    • OPERA Property Management System
    • OPERA Xpress
    • OPERA Lite
    • Operetta Hotel Software Solution
    • OPERA Sales & Catering
    • OPERA Vacation Ownership System (OVOS)
    • OPERA Kiosk
    • OPERA Activity Scheduler
  • Flexible Deployment
    • eLearning



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