New software to raise galley efficiency

Fidelio Cruise’s Meal Count System provides a real-time overview of a cruise ship’s catering operations, with a display in the galley showing the current inventory of prepared meals, the quantity ordered, the number of meals already prepared or awaiting preparation, and details of any special orders. The software, integrated with MICROS points-of-sale, operates from a master terminal in the ship’s galley and generates visual and audio warnings when stocks run low or are insufficient to meet orders in hand.

It is ideal for any customer looking to reduce costs, increase service levels and maximise revenues through efficient kitchen operation and optimised staff communication. The Meal Count System can be installed as a stand-alone suite of applications or it can be fully integrated with other systems including Fidelio Cruise’s SPMS, the Materials Management System, MICROS point of sale networks and SilverWhere.

Key features of the Meal Count System include:

  • Integration with MICROS points-of-sale enabling computerised transfer of orders from waiters’ restaurant terminals to galley terminals
  • Improved restaurant/galley communication with easy-to-read displays and strategically located printers
  • Real-time tracking of meal orders, prepared stocks and extra requirements
  • User-defined alerts to signal potential shortages or bottlenecks
  • Warnings on stock levels
  • Integration with SPMS enabling cruise line managers to undertake detailed consumer analysis and to refine restaurant menus, volumes and procedures
  • Multiple prep-check printers and displays for different galley preparation areas

The software works through a graphical order display and reporting system incorporating the very latest touch-screen technology. Data entry can be customised to suit the cruise operator’s specific requirements, including meal preparation instructions, for example. Once individual meals are prepared, they are tracked and monitored, either by scanning barcodes or by using a master terminal in the galley.
Now, for the first time, chefs in the galley can see the current status of all orders – served, prepared, under preparation or waiting to be prepared. Comparison of consumption patterns and trends is now possible and chefs can view special requests, table status and VIP orders. Productivity can also be tracked, measured on the basis of order preparation times, for example.

Using MICROS point-of-sale systems, waiters can send orders straight to the galley without leaving their stations. This saves time and cuts the margin for human error in taking and delivering orders. Galley staff, meanwhile, can receive prep-checks, printed remotely at chosen locations in the galley.
If the system is integrated with the company’s SPMS, passenger information is automatically available in the restaurant and galley. Special dietary requirements are constantly available and the attendance of VIPs can be automatically flagged. This also enables an entirely new level of passenger consumer analysis, including age, gender, nationality and preferences.

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