Business Applications and Hardware Infrastructure hosted in the MICROS-Fidelio Data Centre facilities in Frankfurt.


  • 80% of new servers installed by 2012 will be virtualised
  • 59% of IT organisations lack the experience to manage virtualisation effectively
  • 0% improvement in utilisation rate through virtualisation and automation
  • Total cost of energy consumption in servers and data centres in the US is $7.4 billion
  • 82% reduction in server energy consumption from virtualisation
  • Source: Smart Enterprise 1/2010

Flexibility and scalability through central hosting

CEOs need to build flexibility into their organisation and broaden their sales and communication channels. CIOs translate this into providing an infrastructure that can scale rapidly and absorb new business relationships, keeping IT strategically aligned with the business to shorten the path from idea to implementation to market. Our central hosting solutions are aligned to meet these requirements and offer our customers an outstanding outsourcing model.
The MICROS-Fidelio point of sale outsourcing or hosting infrastructure and partnership enable your company to take advantage of our wider capabilities and resources in research,
development and consulting to solve your specific business and IT challenges, increase your strategic effectiveness and implement better ways of doing business. Hosting services
include all hardware, software, storage hardware, network hardware and communications needed to operate your applications. Our deep process and industry knowledge enables
us to build and operate next-generation solutions customised to your business needs.

Physical and logical security

Our A1A-certified data centres use modern server technology and place a strong emphasis on data security and PCI-DSS compliance. The data centre complies with PCI-DSS level 1 credit card security requirements.
MICROS has contracted Trustware, a VISA-authorised, external PCI compliance validation company, to perform ongoing audits to ensure credit card security is maintained.

The experienced professionals

The experienced professionals of the MICROS-Fidelio data hosting team are specialists in delivering centralised network functionality through scalable enterprise solutions for companies of all sizes. We currently host over 50 customers, 45 hotel chains, 1,800 property management systems, 2,500 central reservation systems and over 2,200 restaurants.
MICROS-Fidelio’s great strength is an ideal combination of technical excellence, product and service innovation, and confidence-inspiring longevity.

Our Professional Services team

Our Professional Services team is there for you every step of the way – helping you configure your MICROS-Fidelio solution to meet your specific corporate requirements, as well as the particular needs of individual sites. Integrating legacy systems and creating custom interfaces for third-party systems is only part of what we do. We provide smoothly integrated solutions that other vendors simply cannot match. Our in-depth knowledge of the products and industry makes our professional services the key to your project success.

Take advantage of all the benefits of hosting from MICROS-Fidelio

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve distribution
  • Centralise MIS installation
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Benefit from low Capex investment
  • Achieve economies of scale in MIS administration and communication
  • Leverage enterprise features
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