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eBusiness Solutions

The MICROS eBusiness Solutions cover every aspect of the management of your operation. No matter if you run an individual business, a chain or a franchise organisation, eBusiness Solutions provide you with a simple, powerful, single point of integration that allows easy access via a Web browser to operational and financial information such as labour controls, inventory management, loss prevention, stored value and business intelligence.

The eBusiness Solutions suite includes:

With the innovative eCommerce framework solution mycentral, MICROS integrates the final piece of the puzzle: the integration of the consumer layer into your in-store and above-store IT solutions.

mymicros.co.za is a powerful data warehouse and business intelligence system that compiles and organises typical financial and operational information from all your stores in easy-to-view online reports.

Enterprise Maintenance Services (EMS)
EMS automates all store data uploads to the point-of-sale for on-the-fly changes to menu items, prices, discounts, taxes and other POS-specific data.

mylabor handles tedious human resource tasks in a simple, easy-to-use, online user interface.

myinventory is a robust inventory application that provides purchasing, receiving and stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities at either a single property or multiple outlets.

myprevention is an exception-based reporting tool that helps dramatically reduce loss, obtain greater productivity, analyse margins and attain a quick return on investment.

iCare is a customer relationship module that provides an easy way to set up and manage gift cards and point-based loyalty programmes with complete reporting through mymicros.co.za.


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