Fidelio Cruise, the world’s leading supplier of cruise technology IT solutions for the global cruise industry

“We have developed some of the very best cruise IT software since we set up in 1995. Now we are introducing second and third generation systems to make cruise ship operation more efficient and more profitable. The sector is expanding rapidly and facing many challenges, such as larger ships that are more complex to manage and cruise guests who expect ever-growing service standards. However, Fidelio Cruise is proud that its software is in constant operation across a wide range of cruise vessels for many leading companies, helping to improve efficiency onboard.”
Tony Heuer, Fidelio Cruise President

Fidelio Cruise Software GmbH leads the market in the design, installation and support of IT systems for effective passenger and crew handling, and optimised inventory control in the cruise ship industry. Fidelio Cruise has developed cutting edge software, heralding a new era in cruise ship operating efficiency since it was established in 1995 in Hamburg, and is majority-owned by MICROS Systems, Inc.

In addition to its headquarters in Hamburg, the company today has offices in Fort Lauderdale and Kuala Lumpur, from which it develops, installs and supports a broad range of IT systems designed to raise operational efficiency and maximise revenue generation.

The Fidelio Cruise philosophy is based on forming and maintaining a close working relationship with clients and their IT personnel so that the performance of both existing systems and the company’s own software can be perfectly integrated to operate with maximum efficiency.

Today, Fidelio Cruise’s software is in constant operation aboard more than 200 vessels managed by 40 cruise lines. The company’s real-time support network is available globally every day of the year.

Meal Count System

Fidelio Cruise’s Meal Count System provides a real-time overview of a cruise ship’s catering operations, with a display in the galley showing the current inventory of prepared meals, the quantity ordered, the number of meals already prepared or awaiting preparation, and details of any special orders.

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