Service starts prior to your investment

  • Information technology in the hospitality sector is growing and developing very fast. IT plays a vital role for hoteliers, chains or investors in finding the appropriate solution to manage the different operations of the Hospitality industry efficiently in order to meet or to exceed current customer needs and outshine the competition.
  • Different operations may be lodging (including individual hotel sites, central reservation systems and customer information systems in the hotels), table-service and quick-service restaurants, and business food service operations.
  • Our professional Account team helps you to identify the right solution for your business purposes and to simplify and enhance the IT infrastructure of your hotels.
  • MICROS-Fidelio client benefits at a glance
  • You have a single point of contact in the EAME region
  • Standardised processes
  • An assigned Service Delivery Manager and Project Manager (depending on the volume of the projects)
  • Discounts on the wide range of MICROS-Fidelio point of sale products
  • Fast escalation handling and local support
  • Service in 100 EAME countries

EAME Account Mission

  1. Our Solutions
    Software for multiple business models
    Integration of electronic distribution channels
    Multi-property solutions
    Integrated modules within one system
    Centralised solutions for chains and groups
    Low cost applications with basic functions for the low-end market
    Defined software for each market, not one for all
    Data centre for central applications
    Transaction-based software
    In addition to the solutions listed about for any size of hotel or restaurant – be it a single restaurant / hotel or an international hotel chain – our Sales team also provides the following:
  2. Global Account Management
  3. Maintaining individual customer-specific portals
  4. Standardised processes – Quotes – Services – Escalations
  5. Assistance of our subsidiaries and distribution channels in the whole EAME region (22 subsidiaries and 16 distribution channels) in terms of:
    Software shells
    Custom development
    Installation procedures
    Local training courses and information sessions
  6. Qualified IT staff
    The Service Delivery Management Team (SDM) is the technical level of project contact and ensures smooth customer support during the entire project lifecycle. The SDM performs different roles in the four distinct phases of the project lifecycle.

Pre-Sales process phase

In the Pre-Sales process phase the role of the SDM includes:

  • Accompanying the MAC Manager where needed during sales activities
  • Performing product demos
  • Providing product / systems information as requested
  • Ensuring that all initiatives and commitments made to a MAC customer are delivered

Sales process phase

In the Sales process phase the role of the SDM includes:

  • Assisting Major Account Managers (MAC) when needed during sales activities
  • Introducing additional modules that fit the customer’s requirements
  • Actively assisting local offices in delivering the product to customers
  • Consulting on software and hardware solutions
  • Ensuring that all initiatives and commitments made to a MAC customer are delivered

Project Planning phase

In the Project Planning phase the role of the SDM includes:

  • Preparing necessary documentation for project preparation (Application / Systems / Customer)
  • Coordinating projects with the assigned Project Management
  • Creating and supplying template project schedules and tailor-making these as necessary
  • Ensuring Images are up to date
  • Providing Shell Build documentation
  • Publishing and maintaining standards in terms of MAC certifications
  • Ensuring that all initiatives and commitments made to a MAC customer are delivered

Implementation phase

In the Implementation phase the role of the SDM includes:

  • Assisting installers with documentation gaps and updating documentation when required
  • Leading special projects (e.g. Shell Build / Upgrade Workshops)
  • QA, Beta, pilot or conducting any special projects in the region as required
  • Creating documentation as required based on the shell build / image creations
  • Actively assisting local offices in delivering the product to customers
  • Delivering Customer Roll Out Update Mail as per specifications

Maintenance / Support phase

In the Maintenance / Support phase the role of the SDM includes:

  • Performing Quarterly Service Delivery review meetings in person
  • Delivering Customer Roll Out Update Mail as per specifications
  • Reviewing weekly report of all open support cases for MAC customer and escalating to Support Quality team if any cases are out of SLA or otherwise of concern
  • Bringing forward improvement recommendations to the customer based on feedback from local offices and support services
  • Ensuring change management process is followed

The benefits of the SDM team to our customers

  • Single point of contact at a technical level (Installation, Upgrades and Issue resolution)
  • Handles case escalations and acts as intermediary between local office support and customer
  • Manages the internal and external communication of customer requests and issues between MAC, Product Management
  • Liaises with MAC and PM with regard to customer strategic decisions in terms of customer direction
  • Creates and maintains MAC certifications and documentation
  • Conducts beta, pilot or special projects in the region
  • Coordinates projects with Data Centre team (together with EAME PM)
  • Conducts training on MAC standards as required and maintains customer extranet
  • Suggests and reviews man day calculations for individual projects of ‘out of the norm’ dimensions
  • Proactively reviews case list of MAC customer and follow up with local offices for cases out of SLA
  • Liaises with product team networks in EAME on behalf of customers and local offices
  • Issues regular customer Roll out update newsletters
  • Provides advice to the customer from a technical perspective when new products are released and when changes to their internal routines are required
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