Your applications have significant and far-reaching implications for your business in terms of saving on costs, increasing productivity and raising service levels. When managed as core assets, your applications will vastly improve how you use information, anticipate and drive change, communicate and collaborate. Wherever you are in the application lifecycle, MICROS-Fidelio offers a complete portfolio of services that gives you the edge you need to succeed. We have over twenty years of experience in successfully serving a diverse range of companies in all major market segments.

Fastest response times and maximum business flexibility
Our 700+ support employees in 52 local subsidiaries and authorised distribution partners within the EAME region promptly provide answers and solutions in the local language. We have a three-tier support infrastructure consisting of local level 1 support teams backed up by highly specialised level 2 experts who operate from our regional support centres in Ireland and Germany. Level 2 also acts as a direct liaison between the local support operations and the developers and programmers on level 3.

In addition to supporting our own applications, MICROS-Fidelio point of sale provides reliable and competitive operating system and network-related support and on-site service based on your maintenance contract. To meet varied needs, we offer different contract models ranging from baseline support available during normal business hours, to premium 24/7 support. Support areas include Applications, Platform & Network and Interfaces. Moreover, we place great emphasis on transparency. Therefore our service levels are measured by industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs) and tailor-made customer satisfaction surveys. A deta

  • Top technology and support
  • Professional consulting
  • System installation
  • System configuration
  • Operator and manager training
  • Onsite hardware maintenance
  • Customised software development
  • Application support
  • Network support
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